pH soil

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The pH amount as the primary indicator for the biochemical activity in soil, plays a basic role in diagnostic about growth or degradation of plant life. Agronomists and fans are encouraged to more... Reed more ›



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New line of optical and digital refractometers, portable or bench, of excellent quality, used for food and industrial tasks, to know the sugar content in beverages, fruit, jams, beer, grape,... Reed more ›


Thermodynamics energy measurement in air and several flue gases

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On field measurements about flow rates and temperatures Modern technologies easly grants important resources to the control and management of energy efficiency thanks to the large smart electronics diffusion. In single machines so as complex... Reed more ›


Assessments about open channels applications

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Control volume The trust in control volume searching in to the hydrodinamic open system is the ideal goal to be achieved. In practice it is a processing as numerical solution compromise... Reed more ›


Burn-in and Aging Test Chamber

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CCH and CCH 250 climatic chambers, are ideal to perform construction materials and aging testing, by simulation of environmental conditions and stress trends in several industries as: food, textile,... Reed more ›


Quadratic primary flow elements evaluation

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Generally talking about Newtonian fluids, inviscid and incompressible, are useful measured by this robust and traceable family of instruments based on J.B. Bernoulli equations. Their main advantages are: no moving parts in... Reed more ›


Flow monitoring solutions in agricolture

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The measurement of the discharge sewage in agriculture is becoming increasingly important. National and international regulations governing the matter in terms of pollution and control of resources, impose a more stringent... Reed more ›


Flow monitoring in irrigation

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Most of agricultural enterprises and farms has one or several water abstraction points that require an accurate reading of the flows. These points load even by open channels that by... Reed more ›


Monitoring flow in weirs and Venturi flumes

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The flows in open channels are storically controlled with the use of artificial canal barrages or equivalent structures, based on empirical data, by measurement of the water height on a... Reed more ›


Dimensioning of control valve - Part 1 LIQUIDS

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Correctly dimension the flow rate through a valve and therefore its DN is of fundamental importance. A valve undersized, nullifies the adjustment as the valve is intended to remain permanently open; a valve... Reed more ›