The measurement of the discharge sewage in agriculture is becoming increasingly important. National and international regulations governing the matter in terms of pollution and control of resources, impose a more stringent monitoring and measuring of the distribution amount for liquid waste treatable or not, entering in the ponds, biochemical treatment plants, for new usage, even partial, or that part which can simply be drained in to municipal sewers.

Application fields are among others such as dairies, animal farms and slaughterhouses.

AGR3PRO and FLD3PRO instruments are ideal flow rate or total flow measuring of liquid waste coming from organic origin. Doppler ultrasound flow sensors are supplied in immersion so as insertion version, with a minimal invasiveness. Thanks to its low impact profile causes very small obstruction to the flow, with no moving parts.

Its profile is designed to be no affected to deposits of fats dissolved substances that tend to coagulate settling, how happen instead usually on the electromagnetic electrodes flowmeters. In case of extraordinary maintenance, the total cleaning of the insertion sensor is easy at any time by removing it through a tap ball valve in which is mounted to connect it to the pipe, without the need to stop the flow and empty the pipeline under pressure.

In the case of an immersion sensor, for conduct at under atmospheric pressure also partially filled or open surface, it is sufficient to pick off it vertically through the pocket well or cockpit from which it is was inserted, also here without shut off the flow or disassemble the fittings on pipes or channels.

No hydraulic disconnection of the measurement liner and replacement of the seals as occurs with conventional magnetic meters.

Further advantage in the use of our measuring devices is the possibility of adding up to 3 flow sensors, simply by integrating the relative acquisition cards inside to the electronic unit. Also later, thus enabling the simultaneous measurement of 3 measuring sites, for example by putting a sensor connected to a channel input wastewaters, a second in one mixing channel and a third in the discharge outlet channel.

An optional WebCom card can transmitter via GSM / GPRS link the data and alarms interfacing by mobile phones or sending information to Web sites hosting, to Internet archive.

Alternatively is provided a traditional add-on card, for interfacing of serial data RS232-485 bus by wired communication.

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