New line of optical and digital refractometers, portable or bench, of excellent quality, used for food and industrial tasks, to know the sugar content in beverages, fruit, jams, beer, grape, honey, wine, etc.

The Brix (the name comes from Adolf Ferdinand Wenceslaus Brix) is the unit of measurement of solid substances dissolved in a liquid. The degree Brix (symbol °Bx) corresponding to 1 part of solid substance in 100 parts of aqueous solution. The soluble solids content is the total of all the substances dissolved in to aqueous solution such as sugars, salts, proteins, acids, etc. and then the measurement read is the total of all these.

For example a 40° Bx solution contains 40 grams of solid substances in 100 grams of total liquid.

With solutions containing different compounds, if you want to know quantitatively the amount of concentration of a compound, it is necessary to use the conversion tables.

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