Most of agricultural enterprises and farms has one or several water abstraction points that require an accurate reading of the flows. These points load even by open channels that by under pressure pipelines, to supply lateral or pivot sprinklers. Due to water resources are more and more impoverished and going to expire, the importance of their measurement becomes more pressing.

In the past, the idea that groundwaters were inexhaustible, seasonally renewable, considered superfluous this need. The importance of equitable distribution is the crucial point in absence of rainfall and persistent drought, just as controlled irrigation becomes necessary for survival. Thus to rationalize the water consumption of springs water so as groundwaters, is just as vital.

Flow meter monitoring station AGR3PRO provides an accurate and economical solution for these applications, using its electromagnetic insertion flow sensor for inner diameter tubes within 50 mm to 1000 mm. The sensor has no moving parts and minimal invasiveness which guarantees the absence of maintenance routines.

The instrument can detect over to a wide range of the hydrodynamic characteristic parameters such as flow rate and total flow, pressure, temperature and so on.

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