Requirements are to monitoring in continuous the flow rates in to natural stack or hood, with data storage for next analysis.

Refering to previous studies Zhu et al, ref. ASCE 1997 air and neutral gases are extracted by slight suction of about +/- 5 mmw.c. Low velocity stream (5-7 m/s) designs the correct meter in our MISDA15 flow meter.

Port connection ½” BSB male – Nominal flowrange 0.2-75 Nm3/h

MISDA calculations are based on Prandtl equation to measuring the smallest thermal-convective effect due to the natural draft. Changing in gases density don’t influence its performances in to general wide range 0-100 Nm/s. No moving parts, straight liner, free area section, don’t put any obstacle to through the meter. Natural draft in to air stack is steady without loss when MISDA flow meter has vertical down-upwards mounting direction.

CZ-GPS logger module enables to acquire two or more analog Input/Output channels with remote controlling built in.

Data storage can for example pick up readings 1 every 10 minutes.

Storage data via micro SDcard is useful id the instrument place in or replace off is easy to make.

Downloading data by Ethernet cable instead is most useful when instrumentation doesn’t move from the site. FTP file transfer is configurable by softward wizard tool.

File is saved whit a .csv extension format and so easly imported into Excel or OpenOffice Calc datasheets.

FTP data format is the following:


In our example: Misda_Box_log20150428170800.csv

“Misda_Box_” is the instrument name configurated. 28/04/2015 is then the data time of file sending at hour 17:08 and 00 seconds. This managing for the file name permits no overwriting to previous file in the resume procedure.

File frame opened in Excel look as the picture below, columns C, D and E like respectively to data, time, flowrate values as liter per minute unit, readout from MISDA15 AIN1 analog output.

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